How PrimaryWeb templates for your PCN federation or GP practice are accessible.

The NHS is for everyone, so your NHS service website needs to be accessible. If your website is not accessible to everyone who needs it, you may be breaking the 2010 Equality ActSo, it is time to update your PCN or GP practice website to meet accessibility standards. If you want to learn more about the importance of accessibility for your website, click here to read our other posts.

We know that there is a lot of work involved in making websites accessible, so we want to make your life easier with official NHS branded website templates, designed by the NHS for the NHS. 

NHS digital services must meet at least level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1and aim for AAA where possible, so we have created templates that do most of the work for youOur website templates for PCN federations and GP practices are perceivable, operable, and robust.  


You need to make sure users can recognise and use your website with whichever sense is available to them. So we have made sure that our templates do the following: 

  • allow you to add text alternatives (‘alt text’) for non-text content such as images 
  • allow you to provide captions for video 
  • help you to keep content organised and presented neatly 
  • provide template colours that are visible against one another 
  • ensure that layout is not disturbed when font size is increased to 200% and 400% 
  • ensure your website is responsive on any device 
  • work with assistive technologies. 


Regardless of how people access your content, for example using assistive technology, you need to ensure that users can find and use your content.  

This means you need to do things like: 

  • making sure everything works for keyboard-only users 
  • using descriptive titles for pages and frames 
  • making sure users can move through content in a way that makes sense 
  • using descriptive links so users know where a link will take them, or what downloadable linked content is 
  • using meaningful headings and labels 
  • making it easy for keyboard users to see the item their keyboard or assistive technology is currently focused on. 



Our templates are also robust, meaning they will allow you to ensure that users are able to interpret the content on any device. 

  • We use HTML so assistive technology programmes and devices can easily interpret the material. 
  • Our templates allow assistive technologies to know what every user part of the website is for, making it easier for them to navigate. 


And don’t worry we will update and maintain the website for you, so it will never go out of date for accessibility needs. 

Designed by the NHS for the NHS – PrimaryWeb 

Photo credits – Sigmund , Unsplash